Bridal Fashion Illustration


Is my finished illustration going to be realistic and look exactly like the person in the photo?

My style of painting is fashion illustration so the finished illustration will be stylised and is not meant to be an exact likeness of the person.  I will however include a great deal of correct detail in the dress/ outfit involved.  

How much are your illustrations?

Please see my online store for pricing.

I need my illustration urgently for a gift in under 2 weeks, is this possible to get my illustration completed in this time?

Yes if you let me know when you need your illustration by, I usually can complete it before the normal 4 weeks if needed for a specific date.  Please ask me first to confirm.

How long does it take until I receive my illustration?

Please allow 3-4 weeks for completion and postage of your illustration unless specified needed for a specific date. 

I would love to order a Custom Bridal Illustration but I don’t have my wedding photos back from my photographer yet, can you create something from my dress fitting photos?

Yes I can create a Bridal Illustration from you dress fitting photos, or if you want to gift it to a friend on their wedding day.  Another option if you are after a gift and don’t have any photos yet, you can purchase a gift voucher instead (there is a choice of a beautifully presented physical Gift Voucher or a Digital Gift Voucher that can be emailed to yourself or directly to your friend). 

Do you travel out side of Sydney for Live Fashion Sketching events?

Yes, I will take bookings for my live sketching events all over the world.  There is a travel fee that will be charged, so please email me for any enquiries you have for your next special private or corporate event!

Do you offer Framing?

I do not offer framing, but I definitely recommend my customers to frame their illustrations to protect the illustration as well as finishing off the look.

Do you take custom orders for random illustration themes?

Yes i do take custom orders for different themes of illustrations, for example i have been asked for animals, fairies, robots, so please ask the question!

Do I have the right to print multiple copies and reproduce after commissioning a custom illustration?                                                                You may display your artwork in home or business, however it cannot be reproduced without my written permission (digital illustrations may only be printed one time and used for display in home or business)/. I retain the right to reproduce artwork I created unless the client has purchased the full or partial usage rights to the artwork (please email me if you would like to do so and I can arrange).